For Your Consideration

For your consideration

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of campaigning for awards. It feels disingenuous to spend your time and money promoting games to try and win an award. 

That being said there are only a few times in 28 years of making games that I have felt gut punched by something that has happened or didn’t happen. The first time was when I knew that Love Letter was in consideration for the Spiele des Jahres. The one accolade I would love for AEG to capture over any other critical success. I didn’t sleep the night of the nominations and my wife Julie knew we had not been nominated when I did not come to bed. I also felt that way at the GAMA show this year when the Origins Award nominees were announced and we did not get the nod for any of the amazing games we made this year. 

I need to say that I would not take a single spot away from any of the great games that were recognized and there are some very good ones, but I did feel that if the games we made last year were not good enough to be recognized I don’t know what should be. I realized that I was not frustrated for myself as much as I was for the teams that worked so hard to bring those games to life. 

I also realized that all of those signs in Hollywood reading “For Your Consideration” were likely less about the voters and more about the studios saying thank you to the creatives who worked so hard on those shows.

So… with the campaign season in full swing for the BGG Golden Geek Awards and The Spiele Jury making final decisions:

I present to you…. For your consideration, three games which I feel were the truly great work of our company in 2019, and that is saying something as we believe 2019 was one of the greatest creative years of our company’s history with release after release being wonderful successes!


Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns – Build your own Tiny Town in this unique spatial challenge! Work with resources chosen by other players to score the most points. Designer: Peter McPherson  Developer: Josh Wood

Pont Salad

Point Salad – Fast and frantic salad building as you collect veggies and point cards.  Score points in up to 108 different ways in this easy to learn and quick to play card game. Designers: Flatout Games  Developer:  Todd Rowland


Ecos  – Shape the world in this simultaneous play, bingo-like game. Develop flora and fauna for points, but beware the whims of your opponents who are also changing the landscape to their designs. Designer: John D Clair  Developer: Mark Wootton 

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