Dead Reckoning #2  Enlist a great crew before you set sail.

One of the main elements of game play in Dead Reckoning is the sailor deck.  In Dead Reckoning you add advancements you acquire by visiting islands and interacting with NPC ships to your deck in the same way you do in Mystic Vale and Edge of Darkness. Each card in your sailor deck has room for 3 advancements.  You can put any advancement on any member of your crew.  

The new twist in Dead Reckoning is that your sailors Level Up! Each card stack consists of a cardstock sailor card, a plastic sleeve, a clear card with the character’s art, and any advancements that you have earned. Each turn you can Level Up one of your sailors. You remove the cardstock card, and rotate it, then return it to the sleeve. When you make the 2nd upgrade you flip the card over. Each orientation has a set of abilities linked to that sailor’s role. Each time you play you can mix & match which sailors you Level Up and how you sleeve advancements on them, creating huge replayability!

Leveling up sailors and adding enhancements is key to building your strategy each game.  As your crew members level up and get stacked with advancements, your options expand, but so does the target on your back.  

The composition of your crew is important to winning a game of Dead Reckoning, it is also important when building a game the size of Dead Reckoning. 

We have put together a first class crew to bring the Dead Reckoning game to you.  

The Captain: John “The D Stands for Dangerous” Clair designed Dead Reckoning which will be the 7th game of John’s that AEG has published. His past hits include. Mystic Vale, Space Base, Custom Heroes, Edge of Darkness, Ecos and later this year Cubitos.  John has become our featured designer as we have grown into a board game company and it is perfect that John has unlocked our next Swashbuckling world of adventure!

The First Mate:  Mark Wootton started out as a deckhand at AEG many years ago and has leveled up to Number One as lead developer on some of AEG’s most successful lines including Doomtown Reloaded, Thunderstone Quest, Thunderstone Advance, Warchest, and Ecos.  Mark is a great leader and has run a very tight ship and gets great results from his crew. 

The Bosun: All of the art & graphic design for the game has been created by Ian O’Toole (who already has a great pirate name). One of the best visual creative talents working in the industry today, Ian is responsible for the look of games such as Lisboa, Escape Plan, and The Gallerist.  What is so amazing about working with Ian is that he is a gamer and takes a deep dive into the games he works on. We think Dead Reckoning features his best work to date. 

The Buccaneer: In charge of our Kickstarter boarding party, Luke “The soft hand of death” Peterschmidt. Luke has recently joined AEG but we have been working with him for years.  We technically brought Luke on to help get the word out about our Kickstarter campaigns but the reality is we knew that he could infuse fun into the whole process and we are excited to have him on deck. 

The Purser: Paul “The Rules Lawyer” Grogan.  Great rules writing is so hard to find. So, before we set out on this voyage we enlisted the help of Paul Grogan, one of the best rules writers in the business.  Paul is also a gamer and so he is not editing pre-written rules he is playing and writing them from the ground up. 

The Gunners: Cannon Masters, David “Hidden Blade” Lepore, Nicolas Bongiu “The French Pirate”, and Manolis “The quiet terminator” Trachiotis.  These fighters will make sure the game gets printed, published, and delivered around the world.    

The Crew: Kaz Bones, Josh Wood the Plank Master, The Dread Pirate Matty P, The Crimson Couple (Jon and Beth Bancroft), Goldmaster Goody, Todd “Salty Dog” Rowland, Taylor VooDoo Queen Butts. Brave Boot Shuss, Neil The Bloodthirsty Galley and Vlad captain of the scurvy crew of the lost Guatemalan princess.  

Deck Hands: Old Crafty Captain “Z” and Ryan “Jamaica on my mind” Dancey. 

If you want to set sail with us.  Join our lists





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