We are sad to say that this week we are packing up the AEG Larkstone house in Orange. We are happy to say that later this month we will be opening up Larkstone 2 in Vegas. While we pack up we are going to share some memories and try to thank everyone who made this first gaming house so much fun.

Space Base with Erik Yaple, John Zinser and John D Claire

We opened the Larkstone house in August of 2018. I think the first game played at the house was Space Base. Our first summit was held at the end of August and we played tons of Thunderstone, lots of John Clair prototypes including Ecos, Rolling Heights and some I cannot even remember, but the pictures are cool.

Rolling Heights Prototype with Bryan Reese y Mark Wootton

John Defeats Mark for the first time in Warchest

Thunderstone Quest

John Clairs Prototypes are the best

Our first out of state designer visit was at the end of September 2018. Our good friend Ryan Miller spent a week testing his designs and playing other games.

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