We recently launched the entry information for an AEG Pitch Project.  For the next 3 months AEG is closing the normal submissions process and running a PITCH PROJECT for members of our designer forum

What is the PITCH PROJECT?  The first PITCH PROJECT was the brainchild of Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim and was run on the All But Published website a few months ago for designers to submit games via sell sheet and then the owners of the top sheets, as voted on by a jury of game design professionals, could pitch their games to multiple companies at one time.  It was a great success and AEG signed one game and continues conversations with multiple designers who took part.  We found it to be such a good way to look at multiple games in a short time, we have asked Jay and Sen to work with us to do an AEG version of the PITCH PROJECT for the members of our design forum.  

Here are the details



AEG will review all submissions, and then will offer the designers who have presented games that AEG is interested in taking a deeper look at a pitch session during a pitch day in May or June.  Pitch sessions will be 5-10 minutes each.  The goal of this process is for AEG to identify prospects for new designs worth investing additional development resources in analyzing to determine if they are suitable for AEG to offer a license to publish. .   The Pitch Project is adjacent to, and may eventually replace, our traditional face to face prospecting for new designs at conventions; it’s a way to keep our pipeline of designs open under the new conditions we’re all living with.

To join the AEG Design Forum on Facebook follow this link-



Submissions accepted March 1- April 15

Submission review April 16- May 15

Pitch Day (Late May/ early June, exact day(s) tbd)


One game submission per designer, two submissions if working with co-designers; two designers may not make two submissions together

Submit your own work; you must have the legal right to offer the game to us for licensing

Have all the rights necessary to submit; if the game is owned by more than one person, all those people must agree to submit the game for consideration

AEG wants to license games for worldwide production & sale, in all languages; if you have already signed a deal for a game in a territory or in a non-English language you must notify us of that in your submission and provide details of the terms and scope of that deal

Submissions must include

Answers to the questionnaire 

Sell Sheet (1 Page PDF, file size less than 20MB)

Submissions may include

Link to a one minute video (please submit a link, not a file)



Make sure your sell sheet answers the following key questions.  What is the key mechanic to your game?  What is unique about your game?  What is the most fun thing that happens in your game and how often does it happen?


Games that offer players a novel experience compared to other popular games. Games that have addictive game play, in the way that once you have played it, you want to binge play it for a week.  We want to publish games that are still fun to play after 10 sessions.

KEY ADVICE 1: When we list a specific style game below we are looking for games that have a new way of looking at that mechanic or category of game.  

KEY ADVICE 2: Know why your game is FUN. (Fun is a different metric than well designed) 

NOTE:  Games listed in () are games AEG staff are currently or excited to play in the future for fun.  

Engine Builders (It’s a Wonderful World, Fantastic Factories) AEG loves engine builders, deckbuilders, bag builders, and pool builders.    

Tableau Engine Builders (Terraforming Mars, Wingspan, Space Base) These are just fun and we think there is still lots of room to innovate here.  

Card Drafting (Through the Ages, 7 Wonders) We are always interested in new ways to draft cards (Cat Lady) or interesting things you do with them once you get your cards.  

Heavy Euro (Teotihuacan) We have a team of developers who play a lot of heavy euros for fun but have yet to find the right one for AEG.  

Co-Op (Spirit Island, The Captain is Dead) We see a lot of cooperative games but nothing so inspired that we feel challenged to get it back to the table.  

Adventure Game (Gloomhaven, Nemesis) Ambitious in scope but driven by a simple engine.  Perfect for Kickstarter.  

Worker Placement (Lords of Waterdeep, Five Tribes, Istanbul) A game where you send your workers to do interesting things and when and where you place them matters.  

Push Your Luck (Quacks, Sheepy Time, Cubitos) We love push your luck games.  We double love push your luck engine builders.   Sheepy Time and Cubitos are two games we are releasing in 2021 with very different push your luck mechanics.  

Card Crafting Games (Mystic Vale, Dead Reckoning,Canvas) Card Crafting games or games that use clear card tech in a unique way.

Infinitely Expandable (Smash-Up, Unmatched) Games that have solid base games that are great but you can do expansions from multiple genres or licenses.  

Big Game Night Games (Cat Lady, Point Salad) BGN is a play event that we run at Gencon and PAX.  For a game to be a good BGN game it needs to be inexpensive to make and most important easy to teach and learn.  We put 1000 butts in seats at the Gencon event and everyone gets a copy of the games we debut.  THE Marketing for those games is the BGN event so ease of play and a quick path to fun is important.  

New Ideas (Magic, Mystic Vale, Dominion, Shaky Town) Games that have a new component or mechanism that can be used in multiple other games the way we have built a strong line of Card Crafting games.

Production Challenges (Edge of Darkness) AEG is not afraid of games with production challenges.  Unique components, miniatures, 



Games that are only fun if the players are fun (i.e. a game where the “Fun” is really derived from clever players entertaining themselves and not from the game itself)


Kids Games (i.e. games for children under the age of 12 not suitable for adults)

Adult themed games (R rated like Cards Against Humanity)

Dexterity Games

Realtime Games with a strong physical component

Strategic War Games (i.e. “chit & movement” games)

Political Games (i.e. games about real world politics)

Collectible / Tradeable / Expandable card games

Thank you and good luck with the Pitch Project.  

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