Hey check out the cool new Registered Trademark AEG Logo.  Yep, we are officially official now.   Pretty Snazzy.  Looks like we should go back and change the files on our product reprints so we can show off our cool new logo.   What does it mean to have “registered” a trademark?Read More →

Non-gamers would think it is strange that each day when I watch the news about the corona virus I think about a game. I do. I am betting anyone who has played Pandemic has thought about that game recently and I would also think that anyone who has played thatRead More →

As a company making fewer new games I also felt that I should also talk about expansions to those games.  I personally love a good new expansion for my games. It is a great reason to bring the game back to table for a fresh and interesting play.  I alsoRead More →

It’s 5:30 AM and I just dropped off the last visitor to the Larkstone house for 2019 at the Airport.  I know I have talked a lot about Larkstone this year but there is a good reason. Setting up this house has been one of the best decisions we haveRead More →