Bruno is co-designer of Greedy Kingdoms for AEG, and Mystery of the Abbey, Citadels, Queen’s Necklace, Diamant, Mission: Red Planet, Ad Astra and Masquerade with other publishers. Board Game Geek: Bruno FaiduttiRead More →

Mike is the designer of Thunderstone and Agent Hunter. Mike has also designed Duel Masters, Kaijudo, Neopets, Quarriors! and Dice Masters,  In 2017, Mike was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design’s Hall of Fame. Board Game Geek: Mike ElliottRead More →

John is the designer of Mystic Vale, Custom Heroes, Space Base and Edge of Darkness. He is also the designer of Downfall and Rumble Pie. In 2017, Mystic Vale was awarded the ORIGINS Award and the Gamer’s Choice for Best New Traditional Card Game. Board Game Geek: John D. ClairRead More →