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Ivory Edition is nearly upon us, and with it comes great change, both to the world of Rokugan and to the interactive story experience that you have come to expect from the Legend of the Five Rings brand. There have… Read More »Read More →

Greetings, Samurai of Rokugan! As we prepare for the 2014 Kotei season, a problem has come to our attention. That problem is the Ashigaru deck, or more specifically, the cards Exotic Farmlands and Well-Defended Farm. These cards, while being ok… Read More »Read More →

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan! Below you will find the details of the 2014 Kotei Season Storyline Event: ‘Renewal‘ Renewal  In the aftermath of the chaotic madness that plagued the Colonies and whose effects were even felt in Rokugan, the dust… Read More »Read More →

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Dear L5R Community, It is with a heavy heart that today I must announce the cancellation of the Walt Disney World Kotei. It was a big dream, and would have been one of the most memorable L5R events ever, but… Read More »Read More →

With the Ivory Edition Print and Play PDF having been available for about a month now, fans of L5R across the globe are excited for the release of Ivory Edition, the new base set for Legend of the Five Rings…. Read More »Read More →

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