Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Four Behind the Scenes with AEG

Behind the Scenes at AEG

Thank you for another solid day, and for you new backers:  Welcome.

Yesterday we hit the Stretch Goal Beachhead which added more Monsters to the game, and today we will hit the Ogre Smash Stretch Goal to add Ogres to the game. The progress so far on Stretch Goals has been amazing and we thank everyone for pledging and for helping to raise awareness about the campaign!

Today we want to talk a little bit about what is now happening behind the scenes.  We have a lot of cool things happening this month and on top of the list is all of the pieces for Thunderstone Quest coming together.

The whole company has pulled together to make sure we have someone available to answer questions and be available if something important pops up from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday.  Yes we are carefully thinking about our answers but that is so that we can be as sure as possible that we will deliver what we promise.

Of the hundreds of pieces of art ordered for Thunderstone Quest about half of them are in and the rest are coming in every day.  We review the art every day and some go back out for adjustments and changes and others go directly into our database to match them with the card designs that they will become.

We expect that all of the artwork will be in right around March 15 so there is a lot of work being done every day with this part of the process.

Next week our graphics team will start color correcting and placing the art into cards which will give us near press ready card assets to start sharing.

The heavy lifting on the design side of the game is done.  The team is now tweaking and cleaning up the rules and looking at card wording for consistency etc.  (The least fun part of design IMO)

The rules themselves are in editing right now.  Rules writers clean up the rules so that the notes and changes that get made over time make sense to someone picking up the game for the first time.

If the stars align we expect quite a few things to come together in the next 10 days.  So as the campaign continues we will be able to roll out more near press ready materials.

The Spring AEG Game Summit Starts on Monday March 6 and runs through Sunday March 12.  The AEG staff comes together from all over the world to plan, play and prepare for the next quarter’s work.

During this week-long gaming fest with LOTS of Thunderstone Quest being played we plan to get the video camera and live shots going to show off more of the game and maybe some other things we are working on.

Then the company splits up for 5 days. “Don’t split the party” is usually good advice but our team is great at working in parallel!

The Thunderstone team will head home with the data and play info we get from the Summit and will start putting the finishing touches on the product.  The sales and marketing team head to the GAMA Trade Show.

We’ll all be back on the same track by March 17 which marks the beginning of our own March Madness and the final 7 days of this awesome campaign.

Thank you for your support!

— John Zinser

CEO, Alderac Entertainment Group

PS I have embraced the fight to save the Yellow Meeple.  During playtest yesterday for every game I grabbed up yellow to stand in solidarity with my Yellow Meeple friends.  (I played hard but their hearts were not in it.  I lost EVERY game)  We need to help get the Yellow Maples Mojo Back. If you see one winning (or losing), adventuring or just chilling, please send us pictures and tell us your story!

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