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Gen Con 2019 Two Minute Rundown

Wow Gen Con is in 10 days.  Crazy how quickly the time between the GAMA trade show and Gen Con flies but we are ready and excited about the show.   A small piece of useless marketing knowledge.  When Peter Adkison bought Gen Con he called to tell me and IRead More →

Bard Wanted

I am in a tavern….. The GM who runs the reality game about my business looks over his screen at me:  “You have gathered an excellent party, but for this great quest you will need one more.  Someone like minded and with synergistic skills and who speaks your language. John,Read More →

To Bed, Bath, and Beyond….

What is the feeling I am feeling?  Is it envy, resentment, excitement, hope?   I woke up this morning to yet another thread on my Facebook feed with people talking about where they see Wingspan being sold.  This time it is Bed Bath and Beyond, of all places.  Retailers cannotRead More →

My Dad

No story about the history of AEG would be complete without talking about my parents, family and friends who not only supported us, but also helped when we needed it most.   My dad, John (Big Z to most everyone who was his friend), did not understand my decision toRead More →


There is this great little card game out there called Plague and Pestilence.  I am not sure how big it was in the rest of the world, but in So Cal it was all the rage during the beginning of the CCG era.  I have been trying to track downRead More →

The Instant Gratification Monkey

It has been a very unproductive week for me. I find that I fall back into bad habits at the first sign of adversity inside the company.  I want to jump up and plug the hole in the dam. I find that the hardest part of moving to a newRead More →

The True Cost of Delays

We have been talking quite a bit about our products on press right now and how we make sure the right ones get on a boat before the potential new policies on tariffs take effect.  It would be one thing to be worrying about our normal product schedule—and we are—butRead More →

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