If you are following along….back in the history of AEG #8 the company we created to publish Legend of the Five Rings, Five Rings Publishing Group (“FRPG”) got investment money to run a fast paced condensed version of our CCG plan.  Our original idea was to grow the business toRead More →

It’s official.  My staff thinks I am old.  That is me on the box (with the white hair).  The running joke at AEG is that I am not allowed to approve dice games.  It makes sense. I have an unnatural connection with dice and it is a distinct advantage inRead More →

Hey check out the cool new Registered Trademark AEG Logo.  Yep, we are officially official now.   Pretty Snazzy.  Looks like we should go back and change the files on our product reprints so we can show off our cool new logo.   What does it mean to have “registered” a trademark?Read More →

Non-gamers would think it is strange that each day when I watch the news about the corona virus I think about a game. I do. I am betting anyone who has played Pandemic has thought about that game recently and I would also think that anyone who has played thatRead More →