Our Apologies! Due to a last-minute production & logistics problem we were unable to get the Havens Event Kits for Mystic Vale to Gen Con this year. Many players had previously purchased tickets to the events and we did not want to cause undo disruption to players’ schedules byRead More →

Designer John D Clair has kindly provided us with a look into the creation and development of Mystic Vale. I was taking a walk in my neighborhood on a warm Los Angeles evening in 2013.  The goal of the walk was to brainstorm, bouncing around in my head anything andRead More →

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MYSTIC VALE RECEIVES NOMINATION FOR ORIGINS AWARD SAN CLEMENTE, CA — 26 MAY 2017 Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is pleased to announce that its best-selling card crafting game Mystic Vale has been nominated for a 2017 ORIGINS Award for Best Traditional Card Game. The ORIGINS Awards areRead More →

We have opened the 2017 Mystic Vale player survey! [The 2017 Player Survey is closed] We are interested in learning more about Mystic Vale players, how they buy the game, what they like about the game, and information about how Mystic Vale players interact with other games and with Kickstarter.Read More →