September 21, 2015

Speaking of Bandits, one more of the reasons that a lot of them have stopped attacking us is the Great Wall that we built to surround our city.

This marvellous construct took us 3 years to complete (and most of the stones from our quarries) but it was totally worth it. Before that, we were very vulnerable to attacks and our few troops couldn’t defend us from all our enemies.
DC greatwall
Now, it’s a totally different story. Not only is the city better defended than ever before, the wall is so immense and well-constructed, it has began drawing in visitors from other cities, just to admire it!

If you find some time, take a walk on the ramparts. Some afternoons it is allowed and the view from up there is beautiful!

September 2, 2015

I noticed that you kept staring at that building over there shaped like an anvil. Let’s go over there and I can introduce you to our friendly blacksmith.

Wolgen over here is the city’s blacksmith. Whoever needs to work with metal can turn to him. His prices are low and the quality is superb. In fact, he is the one responsible for many of the weapons that the militia and our soldiers use to defend the city.


After he established his workshop in our city, he worked on new swords which were sharper and lighter than the ones we were using before. This immediately resulted in our soldiers being more effective in battles and drove many of the bandits away. Of course a few still persist, however they know that attacking us is no longer an easy task.

If you plan to conduct business with the Military, you will need to work with Wolgen here. You can count on him for all your needs and he will never disappoint you.

July 21, 2015

The beautiful building that I am going to show you next is none other than the Merchant Guild’s Headquarters.

It lies further down this road, away from the center of the city. You see, the Merchant Guild provides services in all the local merchants, but especially to those dealing in the area’s natural resources. To facilitate the process they have moved their Headquarters to the outskirts of the city, to make it easier for those coming from the Mines, the Quarries and the local Lumber Mills.


Although there have been a few complaints regarding the high cost of the Merchant Guild’s services, no one can deny the huge boost it has provided to the local market. Since it was formed, its members have seen their sales almost double, a testimony to its effectiveness. Even the captains of the trade ships that come and go every day, turn to the Merchant Guild to make sure they will always have a full load in their cargo!

If you plan to move your business here and deal in wood, stone or iron, I suggest you get in contact with them as soon as possible!

July 9, 2015

The next stop in our city tour is the large building over there! Yes, the one with the big bell on top.

That my friend, is the Town Hall! This is where our dear Mayor conducts his business from. Also, this is where you can find information about every single building in our lovely city. In fact, if you plan to stay long here in our city and perform business from within our walls, you will have to get the necessary permit first from the Town Hall. Do not fear though, the process is quick and the employees there will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

DC-Town Hall

This is actually the best part of our Town Hall! It is very well organized and you can find everything you need in no time at all! The help it provides is remarkable and I really can’t think what our beautiful city would do without it!

So, don’t forget to check it out when you are able and make sure to have your paperwork ready.

For now, let us have a look at the next building over there…


June 30, 2015

So here it is! The Cathedral, the jewel of our city!

This marvelous building lies near the center of our city, glimmering as the sun is reflected upon its windows. Its construction was completed just a while ago with the help of the city’s finest workers! In that short period since then, we had countless visitors from all across the land come to admire it, with all of them claiming they have never seen anything like it in the whole Kingdom!


As was expected, the construction of the Cathedral significantly upgraded the surrounding area as well. Almost immediately after the construction work begun, many of our most prominent citizens decided to relocate here, building their new Manors right next to the Cathedral.

In addition to that, a new Festival Hall was also built near here, as well as the Grand Statue of Glandes the Great which I will make sure to show you one of these days.

If you want to have a look at the inside of the Cathedral feel free – I’m sure that you will agree that it is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. I will be waiting for you here and then we can move on with our tour! There are still many things I want to show you!


June 26, 2015

Hello again dear traveler!  I am the Queen’s Chief Architect.

Now that you’ve learned a little about our Market Place and how it works, you know that our great city can generate wealth and prosperity.  And what do those generate?  Bandits.  To put a stop to these villains you will need a well-trained Militia, and luckily the people have formed one!  A somewhat well-trained one anyway. As we make our way to the Cathedral, let’s stop at the training grounds and visit these bold defenders of Rolldovia.

DC-MA-MIL copy

Your citizens have already set up several Militia squads, ready for your command.  They may not  be enough to stop the bandits on their own, but pull a few together and you can defeat them!  This will surely rain glory down on our great city.

Should you find the skills of our Militia not up to the task, fear not.  We have many tools at our disposal to discuss in the future, Catapults, Armories, and more.  As well as simply training the Militia to make them into a more effective Regular Army.

Ah, I see the beautiful colors of the Cathedral’s stained glass windows ahead, let’s make our way there next!


June 22, 2015

Hello dear traveler and welcome to our city!  I am the Queen’s Chief Architect.

You must be very tired from your journeys so I won’t take too much of your time. I just thought it would be nice, since this is the first time you visit our city, to show you some of the important locations you can visit while you are here.

Let me start by – hold on, some of my scrolls just fell, ok got them! Now, where was I? Oh right, I was just about to show you our Market Place!


As you probably know, the lands surrounding our beautiful city are rich in natural resources. We have some beautiful forests from which we get our wood, some tall mountains from which we extract our stones, and numerous caves that provide us with precious iron.

The good citizens who gather all those resources, bring them in the Market Place – which is just around this corner, stay close – to trade them and turn them into a profit. If you plan to stay long in our city and deal with the local merchants, then you must definitely learn your way around the Market Place!

Oh, here’s Edmund, one of the best-known lumberjacks of our city. He has brought 2 crates full of wood and he plans to trade them. As you can see, he has already traded one of those for 2 crates of stone and I can see him arranging an exchange for the other one as well – it looks like he will be getting 2 crates of iron for that. If he is quick he may even have time to load them all in that small ship in the harbor that leaves later tonight. All in all a very good day for him!

DC itemswap

Trades like that are common incurrence in the Market Place and many people make their living out of it. However, in order to avoid unfair conduct, her royal highness, our Queen Statisia, has decreed that on any given day all merchants are only allowed to trade a single type of goods (that is why Edmund brought only wood today). Keep it in mind for any future dealings you may have.

I think this is enough for your first day. Get some rest and we will continue our tour soon. I noticed you were staring at the Cathedral on our way here so perhaps we could start with that!

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