The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 25th, 2016.

The application can be found here (2016 Sheriff Badge Series Event Application).


Howdy Pardner,

We’ve still been havin’ a rough time ‘round these parts. The Sloane Gang thinks they own this town. The Morgan cattlemen and scientists that do own most of it like to throw their weight around. The Wardens are rumored to be summonin’ spirits or some sort of hocus pocus, and Chow’s band o’ bandits are cracking skulls all around town with their Kung Fu! All that’s not to mention this circus … rumor is they’ve made deals with the Devil hisself. We need someone to get this place under control, and if yer quick on the draw and handy with the steel, perhaps you could be the next sheriff of this here town.

The pay ain’t great, but I hear tell you get a nice shiny badge for yer troubles.

So whattaya say? Got what it takes, gunslinger?


Alderac Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the 2016 Doomtown Sheriff Badge Series of events.

We are now accepting applications to run one of these exclusive regional tournament events. Stores and tournament organizers are invited to apply by filling in the relevant application forms (it’s not too arduous) and returning them by e-mail to

To do this please download the PDF HERE. If you find the document unable to be written on using your viewer program, please just copy and paste it (along with your answers) into the body of your email!

There are a limited number of Sheriff Badge events that will be held worldwide, so please make sure that you give us as much information as possible in your application to assist us in making the decision.

So, what is it all about?

You have a chance to be part of this global experience. Special event kits are available directly through AEG at the low price of $75.00 USD (shipping and handling included). Due to the exclusive nature of these events, event kit purchases will be restricted to a limited number per region. So apply today before they run out!

Every kit will include the limited edition silver Doomtown 2016 Sheriff badge for the winner (only available at this event). In addition to that shiny new Sheriff badge, these kits include the following: the 2016 summer special full-bleed alternate art participation card for up to sixty-four players, four special event playmats, alternate art prize cards, and a range of additional cool prizes.

Applications are welcomed from any Stronghold Store or event organizer sponsored by a Stronghold Store.

The event season spans from the weekend of August 13th until the weekend of December 3rd, 2016. To make your application stand out from the pack, we recommend you submit a couple of alternate dates within that timeframe.

How will the applications be dealt with?

Priority will be given to those stores with a strong track record of supporting and selling Doomtown, with further consideration given to the quality of the application, as well as a need to create a reasonable spread of events based on geographic locations and event dates requested. Every effort will be made to ensure a fair and comprehensive distribution of events for players from different regions throughout the world.

Please download or copy/paste the “2016 Doomtown: Reloaded Sheriff Badge Event Application” and return it in an email to before the application deadline!

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