Shootin’ Them is a Good Start

Gomorra can be a tough place, even moreso for a greenhorn right off the train from back East. This here page will do its best to get you up to speed so you can hold your own through the worst the Weird West has to throw at you. And son, it’s gonna throw some things you ain’t never been prepared for.  Check back often for more additions!

General Information

Official Game and Event Rules

Latest Rulings and FAQ – Updated 12/10/15 | Version 005­-20151210
Mark Wootton is in charge of all design and rules decisions on behalf of AEG. He is assisted in answering rules questions on the Doomtown Rules Forum by the rules team: Gerry Crowe (gamesmeister), David Orange (davido), Pete O’Carroll (Kaptain O), and Stephen Burch (Bithlord). This document is maintained by Gerry Crowe with assistance from the team.

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