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The Farscape Role-playing Game
From the vast reaches of the Uncharted Territories, the Farscape role-playing game is here! The game contains complete details on the ground-breaking universe of astronaut John Crichton and his friends. It is fully compatible with the d20 system published by Wizards of the Coast™, and holds a wealth of information that no Farscape fan should be without!
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Farscape Reviews
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New Material!
Starting October 7th, 2002, the Farscape RPG web site will be updated bi-weekly with additional free material for players and GMs to use in their campaigns.  Can't wait?  Here's an early-bird set of updates:


What's New

Added Save Farscape to Links

Added High Caste Scarran Character Rules to New Lifeforms

February 7, 2003
Created the Farscape Discussion Forum.
Note: This forum is temporarily located at http://new.alderac.com/

February 5, 2003
Added Vistasha and Zooanit to New Lifeforms

Added The Wheel to New Planets

Added Moving Targets and Sick and Tired to Adventure Hooks

January 28, 2003
Added Tianna to New Planets

Added Urgan Shade and Vantian Ooze to New Lifeforms

Added Dead Reckoning and A Hostage Holiday  to Adventure Hooks

Updated the Errata page

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