Guildhall Is Here!

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Guildhall is the “secret game” surprise hit of Essen this year!

With rich colors and expressive art, the professions of Guildhall have interlocking mechanics that test your ability to think ahead and put your kingdom in the lead.

The goal of the game is to gather professionals of 5 different colors in your guild hall to form chapters. Use completed chapters to buy Victory Points. Each professional also has abilities to help you gather more professionals, and slow other players’ progress.

Old World Economy

Set in medieval Europe, the first set of Guildhall has 6 professions. Each profession has an ability that changes the game. The ability grows stronger based on the number of professionals of one type that you already have in your hall.

Assassin: Kill a professional in someone else’s hall.

Dancer: Draw cards. Take another action.

Farmer: Earn victory points.

Historian: Bring a professional back to your hall from the discard pile.

Trader: Trade cards between your hall and another player’s hall.

Weaver: Place cards from your hand straight into your hall. 


We’ll talk more about each profession in the coming weeks, so check back here for updates!



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