Guildhall Professions: Assassin

 In Profession

Denial — a river in Egypt AND a fun play strategy!

The Assassin has a dirty job…. make people disappear.  He sends cards from other another player’s guildhall to the discard pile. The more Assassins you have in your guildhall, the better they get at their job!


He’s great at disrupting other players’ strategies. Is a player getting too close to completing a chapter? Knock the offending chapter back a peg or two.

If you’re behind in points, slow the game down a little by assassinating a card that there’s only one of. Only one blue Trader out there? Pow! Now nobody can complete a chapter of Traders.


Assassin works wonders with the Historian. On your first action, play an Assassin to place a card you need in the discard pile. Then on your second action, play Historian to bring that card back into your guildhall. It’s a little labor intensive, but if someone else is monopolizing a profession, you’ve got to get your foot in the door!

You can get sneakier with the Trader. First, play a Trader to put a card you don’t need from your guildhall into someone else’s (getting something you need in return). On your second action, use the Assassin to make sure your trading “partner” doesn’t get any benefit either!

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