Guildhall Design Diary Part 2: Game Change

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This is part 2 of the Guildhall design diary by designer, Hope S. Hwang.

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The first playtest was a success.

People liked Gamun. But there was some negative feedback—too many effects on characters and a long play time. Based on the feedback, I modifed the game. The number of effects on a character dropped from 4 to 3, and play time was shortened to within 1 hour.

One month later I took Gamun to the Korea Boardgame Designers Association (KBDA) meeting. Donghoon Lee, CEO of Wednesday Games, was in the meeting and he liked Gamun. He especially liked the idea of collecting character cards with character cards and iconified effects. He wanted to publish it. This was how publishing Gamun was determined.

But still there were some problems. The overall flow of the game was dull and the scoring system was shoddy. When a player had no card to use in hand, the player discarded 1 card and drew 1 card from the deck. If the player could not use the drawn card, the player had to repeat this action next turn. Since a complete set was not scored, winning the game was greatly affected by luck. Unlike the present rules, a completed set remained in the game.

I started to modify the scoring system. I first changed scoring of completed sets. Then, I realized the setting of the game was a village, so I made buildings that could be purchased with cards. A completed set could be exchanged for a building and earned ponts. Each building also had continuous effects. However, the number of placed cards on the table was increasing. Continuous effects added up, which complicated the game flow. I immediately abolished the building cards.

At the time a board game exhibition was held in Korea. Dixit artist, Marie Cardouat, visited for opening and signings. Along with Marie Cardouat, Moonstergames’s Emmanuel Beltrando visited. I luckily had an opportunity to play Gamun with Mr. Beltrando. He gave me some important feedback. The main points were diverse methods to earn scores and some stimulation in game flow. Taking his advice, I made a significant change.


Check back next week for part 3: Homing In!

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