Guildhall Professions: Dancer

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Easy and fun, that’s the Dancer.

The Dancer is a handy card that everyone loves to play. Light on her feet, and fun to watch.


You should pretty much always play a Dancer unless you have a good reason to play something else. She’s a free play, since she gives you another action. And with no hand limit, all the cards you draw are yours to keep.

This makes Dancers easy targets in other players’ guildhalls as well. Most people will have them out, so you can usually find the colors you need in someone else’s hall. Use your Traders, Assassins, and Historians to put them in your reach!


Dancers work well with everyone. And each one in your hall makes the next one more powerful, unlike other professions that have plateaus. What you really want to do is watch what other people are doing.

Since everyone will have Dancers out to take advantage of the sweet card draw, use a Trader as your first action to get more Dancers into your guildhall. Then play your Dancer as your second action to take advantage of the additional Dancer you just brought in. That leaves you with another action!

If another player is going into Historians, play more Dancers to churn through the deck and recycle the discard into a new deck. When there’s no discard pile, Historians don’t have anything to work with, but it puts lots of opportunities back into the deck for more Dancers to use!

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