Guildhall Design Diary Part 3: Homing In

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This is part 3 of the Guildhall design diary by designer, Hope S. Hwang.

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Emmanuel Beltrando of Moonstergames had given me important feedback.

So I dramatically changed the game–close to a revolution. First, existing set collection was changed from collection by color to collection by character. I added the Farmer which enabled players to earn victory points (VP) directly. A solution for changing different sets was also found. VP cards for each character were made. Score and victory point card effect could be earned by completing a set. This method was eventuallly discarded due to the setting and other problems, but the idea of earning VP by completing a set remained. I continuously simplified VP cards and it did not take long to establish the current form.

>When I played Gamun with Mr. Lee, CEO of Wednesday Games, he told me several things. One of them was about expansion. He suggested using various characters, but I was not sure. From the beginning, the idea of expansion was never in my mind. I didn’t have a clue!

But when I started to work on it, it was not difficult at all. According to the game mechanics, I just had to make various effects and give jobs corresponding to the effects. As a result, the initial 5 characters, Mercenary, Trader, Weaver, Scholar, and Alchemist (alchemist was changed to dancer to include another female character), were multiplied several times. I have really enjoyed this process.

This game would be published as Gamun by Wednesday Games. I was looking for a different title but no good one came to my mind, and playtesters liked the name.

But there was another problem. There is no artist pool established in Korea. I contacted many designers but the results were disappointing. Several months passed.

In May, 2012, Tokyo Game Market was held. Tokyo Game Market is a convention where amateur board game designers and board game companies sell their products. Wednesday Games was participating and I attended too, because they published one of my card games. I took Gamun to test with Japanese players. That was lucky.


Check back next week for the last part: Luck Would Have It.


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