Guildhall Professions: Farmer

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This little piggy stayed home.

The farmer doesn’t have a real exciting life. He tends his crops. He hangs with the pigs. And with patience, he slowly makes you win. The farmer pays out less often than the other professions, but when he does, he brings home the bacon.



Start the game with a farmer in your guildhall, if you can. If you can’t, try to trade for one, or find some way to jumpstart farmers in your guildhall. It’s a lonely slog when you have to plant before the harvest.

Direct Victory Point gain is a powerful incentive, but don’t get hooked on it. Victory Point cards will be a faster route to win, but a dash of tokens from the Farmer can put you over the line.


After you play a fourth Farmer on your first action (and score 2 VP), use the Weaver to bring him back to your hand. If you can play a fourth Farmer just two times, you gain 4 Victory Points–as much as a completed chapter could buy you most of the time. And you still have the option of finding that fifth Farmer and completing the chapter!

The Trader or the Historian can get you started in the farming business without having to play a Farmer at the no-points 0 level.

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