Guildhall Design Diary Part 4: Luck Would Have It

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This is the final part of the Guildhall design diary by designer, Hope S. Hwang.

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At Tokyo Game Market, a convention for amateur board game designers, I had a lucky opportunity.

I met Mark Wootton and John Zinser from AEG. They had come to meet with Arclight, the Japanese boardgame publisher who licenses several of AEG’s games [ed.–such as Thunderstone!]. Mr. Takerube from Arclight introduced me. (special thanks to Mr. Takerube).

Mr. Wootton and Zinser were willing to play Gamun. At first, I didn’t know whether they enjoyed the game. Maybe I bugged Mr. Zinser throughout the game. But later on, we met and played Gamun once more. After I came back, I heard the news from Mr. Lee that AEG wanted to license my game.

After that, everything AEG has shown and done are amazing. They came up with the title, “Guildhall,” which I never thought of, but is perfect for the game. Every image they have shown is fantastic and communication is prompt. They also solved various graphic design problems which had been a prolonged concern to me.

In several months, Guildhall will be released. The joy of having my game that I have carried in my womb for 10 months will be born by amazing company with fantastic quality is overwhelming. Working on Guildhall has been a pure pleasure to me and I loved to see the laughter of the test players. And now I hope you to have same enjoyment of playing Guildhall as them.

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