Guildhall Professions: Historian

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Bring the past to life again!

Everybody with a History degree always talks about how great it is, and how you can learn things, and blah blah. That’s probably all true. But whatever. In Guildhall, the Historian delivers.


The Historian is pretty straightforward. Grab things you need out of the discard pile. Complete chapters. Win.

But keep in mind that at the beginning of the game, the discard pile is kind of… sparse. If you’re guts, you could discard things you need at the start of the game to seed it for later Historian ¬†retrieval. Otherwise, hang onto your Historians for the mid-game, after someone has turned in some completed chapters. You can be sure to find the colors you need of a profession once someone else turns in a set.

Watch the deck. Since the discard gets shuffled to become the new deck when it runs out, all your Historians will get powerless real quick. Finish Historian chapters when the deck is looking thin.


The Historian is a famous part deux of the Assassin-Historian combo. Kill someone you need on your first action, then bring ’em back to life with the Historian on the second action. Play your cards right and you can complete a chapter with that one-two punch.

The Historian does a great job of getting your Farmer chapter up to speed if you’re starting from scratch. He also makes your Dancers better at the card draw game quicker. A well-timed Historian-Dancer combo can keep you from having to take an action just to draw cards.

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