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Lost Legacy is a game of risk, deduction and luck, for 2–4 players. Designed by Seiji Kanai and Hayato Kisaragi, the game features simple rules that create exciting player interactions and dynamic card combinations. Each turn you play a card in order to eliminate other players from the game or discover where the Lost Legacy card could be found. When the deck runs out of cards, the Investigation phase begins. The player who determines where the Lost Legacy can be found wins!

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Each Lost Legacy set can be played independently or be mixed together with other sets to create a unique custom set. There are currently four releases in the Lost Legacy series:

  • The Starship:
    In the distant past, a starship from a faraway world appeared in the sky. Damaged in battle, the craft broke apart and traced lines of fire across the horizon. These falling stars crashed to the surface, and in the ages to come, became enshrined in legends as the Lost Legacy.
  • Flying Garden:
    Scattered across the world are pieces of a strange craft from far beyond the skies – known as the Lost Legacies. In the eastern peaks, legends speak of a floating paradise, a garden of unearthly delights protected by an implacable guardian. Some of these legends claim the garden provides an unending source of ambrosial food and water.
  • Second Chronicle:
    – The Whitegold Spire was once part of the visitor’s vessel, and is built from the magic-enhancing material known as whitegold. The spire now serves as home to a powerful cartel. Inside the spire, nearly any vice is for sale. Gambling and carousing continue nearly non-stop in the upper levels, where the cartel host parties to influence important guests.
    – A most unusual blade, the Vorpal Sword is far more than simply a weapon. It is one of the Lost Legacies in its own right, but even more importantly, it is the key that will unlock the Seal and open the way to discovering inner mysteries of the Starship. The blade mysteriously changes shape to suit the wielder’s attributes. If an adventurer excels in guile and cunning, the blade appears as a rapier, while determination and brutality shapes it into a menacing battle axe.
  • Third Chronicle:
    – Discovered long ago by the royal family, this Lost Legacy was named the Grail, and with it, the king of Lynoys was able to anoint powerful and loyal knights to defend his realm. The just and wise rulership of the royal line has led Lyonis to become powerful and influential, one of the most honored realms in all the lands. However, these achievements come with a price; others covet all the wealth and prosperity that the kings of Lyonis have built with the help of the Grail.
    – One of the most enigmatic of the Lost Legacies, the staff of dragons is much more than it appears. The staff has a strange influence over the monstrous dragons and can control their behavior. The wielder of the staff can force even the most powerful and cunning dragon to do their bidding and obey every command. The power of the staff would allow the wielder to command an army of dragons in order to ensure peace, or rain fiery destruction upon their enemies.
  • Fourth Chronicle:
    – One of the Lost Legacies—a device originally designed to save lives—crashed to the ground in the far northern forests. Damaged by the crash, this device was no longer functioning as it was intended. When a handful of injured and sick locals encountered the device, it sought to help them survive in the best way it could—by combining the makeup of their bodies with those of animals. The people affected found themselves into a hybrid of man and beast.
    – Ages ago, a strange craft visited this world from beyond the skies. The craft was sundered by a mysterious tragedy, its shards falling to the ground below—scattered across the lands far and wide. On the isle of Vonrathia, one of the Lost Legacies came into the possession of Baron Von Stoke. This nobleman gained possession of the Undying Heart, transforming him into a terrifying vampire. His formerly benevolent rule has turned tyrannical, and he has the used the power of the Legacy to transform his court into blood-sucking creatures of the night.

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Legacy Lore

Discover the world of Lost Legacy by reading about the iconic people and places featured in the various sets.

portrait_Sister of FateSister of Fate

A prophetess who sees visions of the future. She has glimpses of how the Lost Legacy may change the destiny of the world and guide the fates of adventurers bold enough to seek it.



A skilled veteran and commander, he seeks the mysterious starship so that the forces he leads into battle will become unstoppable. Once the kingdom’s enemies are annihilated, only then can peace fully be restored.


portrait_Shadow ThiefShadow Thief

A cunning scoundrel, her ambition is to use the Lost Legacy to catapult herself into a life of fame and luxury.



A stern and courageous warrior, he intends to find the Lost Legacy in order to secure its mysterious powers for his home nation.



The starship seen in the prophetess’ vision is, in fact, only a portion of the visitor’s craft. It contains vital information that pinpoints where the other pieces of the Lost Legacy can be found. Once this mighty vessel sailed amongst the stars to discover new worlds of wonder. Now, however, it is a strange and threatening place, home to all manner of dangers.



A scheming and powerful sorceress specializing in death magic, her ambition is to reach the Flying Garden in order to channel the life force found there to provide unlimited power for her spells.




An immensely strong construct, the Guardian’s role is to defend the Flying Garden and protect it from all outsiders. Over the ages, the Guardian’s programming became corrupt. Instead of shepherding the animals of the Garden, it considers all outsiders a threat and destroys everything except the Garden’s plant life.



A wise and scholarly holy woman, she wishes to find the Flying Garden so that she may commune with nature and gain a deeper understanding of the living world.



A bold and thrill-seeking warrior, he chases the legends of the Flying Garden simply to be one of the first to locate it and survive the challenge of the Guardian.


portrait_FlyingGardenFlying Garden

Possibly the most beautiful of the Lost Legacies, the Flying Garden is a legendary oasis hidden in the eastern peaks. The garden consists of separate floating islands connected by bridges, with each island containing a unique ecosystem of lush vegetation. The plants are treasures in their own right, and are highly sought after by alchemists and healers for their magic-like properties.


portrait_Street PerformerStreet Performer

Clever and quick-witted, her job is to distract the protectors of the Whitegold Spire long enough for her compatriots to make off with the whitegold shipment.


portrait_Phantom ThiefPhantom Thief

A brilliant mastermind, he will have to rely upon every ounce of his skill and stealth in order to sneak into the vault and steal the whitegold.



The alchemist’s role is to use his arts to dissolve the vault’s locks and seals. Perceptive and calm, his presence keeps the heist moving smoothly.



Suspicious and stern, he has recently doubled security on the whitegold shipment to please his masters in the cartel.


portrait_Whitegold SpireWhitegold Spire

This Lost Legacy was once part of the visitor’s vessel, and is built from the magic-enhancing material known as whitegold. The spire now serves as home to a powerful cartel. Inside the spire, nearly any vice is for sale. Gambling and carousing continue nearly non-stop in the upper levels, where the cartel host parties to influence important guests.