Lost Legacy Design Diary

Designer Hayato Kisaragi has kindly provided us with a look into the creation and development of Lost Legacy.

Lost Legacy is a game based on Love Letter’s system. I really like Love Letter. I played this with Kanai the day before first release, and felt as if lightning had struck me. It was just 16 cards, and could fill a short period of time with intense guessing, and I was deeply impressed. And as to prove my point, Love Letter made it out and became a world famous game, and Kanai’s most representative game.

LL_The Starship cards

Early on, I started to ponder on whether I could arrange Love Letter a bit. The simplistic form of Love Letter is wonderful, I think, but that’s also the reason why it can be deconstructed and still work. My aim with Lost Legacy was “versatility.” I added the hidden pile Ruins, and also changed the final goal of each round. I designed several sets, and saw to that they could be combined together to be even more varied. I spoke with Kanai, we exchanged a couple of ideas, and thus was the birth of the Lost Legacy series. I have more ideas to vary this little game with, so keep coming.

LL_Flying Garden cards

I don’t think Lost Legacy is as spear point clear as Love Letter is. But I do think it’s a game that changes a lot depending on group, combination of cards, and the mood of the moment. Try it out, time and time again, and test different adventures to travel on. Nothing could make me happier; keep gaming!