Your mission should you choose to accept it…

All is quiet in the darkened lab… when a vent crashes to the floor. A dark figure drops down – and another, and another, and another. A hinge squeals, and more dark figures emerge from a cage on a shelf. A light flickers on, revealing…


Monkey Lab is a strategic, fast, and cunning game for the primate in all of us. Roam the halls of a testing facility, prying, cracking, and smashing open cages of lab monkeys while you dodge the guard.

Available NowUse teamwork, guile, and strategy to save your fellow simians from the Monkey Lab! Rescue the most to be the victor in this game of monkey mayhem!


Age 12+
Players 2-4
Duration 30-45 Minutes

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Product Information

STK 8005
ISBN: 978-1594721045

On Sale: July 2009
US MSRP: $34.95

Copyright 2009 Alderac Entertainment Group

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Monkey Reference Tile

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