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In the age of myth, gods and goddesses vie for domain over the mortal world. The arenas of these great struggles are the mighty cities of the ancients. Can you sway mankind to your cause with an awesome display of your divine power? Or will you be just another forgotten myth?

In Myth: Pantheons, you are an immortal god or goddess of ancient origin. You will muster your divine might to sway the greatest cities of the mortals, using your powers and your followers to win a series of challenges. Each challenge is an opportunity to gain influence in the five domains: Harvest, Weather, the Heavens, Death, and War. Focus the fervent faith of your devoted followers to cement your control of the pillars of civilization. Call upon your special powers to summon a storm or prophecy the skeins of time and war. Marshal your powers well, and rule of all creation!

  • Myth: Pantheons comes with rules, tokens, a deck of mortal cards, 30 cities, and cards for 12 different playable deities.
  • Ages 10+
  • 3-6 players
  • 45 minutes
  • Designer: Brent Keith

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