Arcane Fire!

Romance of the Nine Empires – Arcane Fire

The exciting new expansion is based on the submissions of those fans that supported the Kickstarter programme for the Gamers: Hand of Fate movie.

It introduces two new factions and two new game concepts.



The two new factions are the Tuatha and the Magocracy of Arcanix.

The Magocracy of Arcanix is one of two city-states to rise after the fall of Old Ixhasa. Arcanix was founded to prevent the sort of disaster that destroyed the first empire. To that end, the city’s founders, wizards and magicians, built their city over the only other Nexus in the world to protect it. Their citadel fortress quickly became a center of stability in the newly fractured world, and grew from a stronghold into a flourishing bastion of civilization and center of learning. The Arcanese have learned to harness the awesome power of the Nexus to power their spells and research, with a special ability to summon forth Guardians – strange and powerful beings from beyond Countermay.

Archmajg MajDavid

The Tuatha hail from beyond the Veil in the Mirror World that lies parallel to Countermay. They are a collection of the ageless fae, noble and cruel, beautiful and monstrous. It wasn’t until the Collapse of the Veil, that the Tuatha found themselves forced to interact with the other empires and form a state. Much of how they now are is defined by a longstanding internal schism that turned into a full-blown civil war. The Unseelie—the dark elves, the ravenous goblins, treacherous changelings and hags, saw weak peoples fit only for exploitation and enslavement – emerged victorious. They are skilled in weapons and the abilities of assassination, and this can be seen with the dueling mechanic introduced in this expansion.

ImperialProtector  Lokin


Arcane Fire introduces – Guardians.

Guardians are extra-dimensional beings of great power. Known among various cultures as demons or djinn. Guardians represent beings that wizards can summon to fight for them. In the game they are treated as a special kind of hero. They are, essentially, their own faction that can join any player no matter what the keywords on the player’s stronghold are.

However, in order to bring a guardian into play, you must pay all of its gold and food costs, as well as bow a wizard to summon it.

They have great power, but it can come with a heavy price. None know this better than the wizards of the Magocracy!


Arcane Fire introduces – Dueling

Duels are one-on-one combats fought with swords, lasers, fists, or magic between two opposing heroes. They represent personal struggles between protagonists that can be anything from an assassination attempt, abduction or a formal tournament.

One hero—usually the one who initiated the duel—is the challenger, while the other is the challenged hero.

Winning duels is based on the Will of the heroes concerned.

Heroes have the opportunity to alternately thrust or pass – the one that does this is the attacker. The defender can parry each thrust. The success of thrusts or parries is based on the relative fate value of the cards used. Once one hero has thrust, it is then the turn of the other to become the attacker. This continues until there is a single victor (or both heroes lose)

The duel ends when either both players pass on the opportunity to thrust, or when one hero has had their Will reduced to 0. In the case of both players passing, the hero with the lower Will at that time loses.

Duels are usually to the death although some have different outcomes. The Tuatha are specialists at this style of defeating enemies.



Arcane Fire adds – to all your existing factions and strategies

Each of the factions that came with the base set of Romance of the Nine Empires also gets new heroes, in addition to the new tactic, item, spell, castle and quest cards to expand the possibilities for all your current decks.


Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!


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