Action Cards

Ride Across the River

Q: When the full boat is moved home across the river, are the animals immediately unloaded, or do they stay on the boat until scoring? The illustration on the card indicates the cards move to the home side, but the card text is ambiguous… It matters for predation – whether it takes place on the boat, or at home.

A: Animals eat each other on the boat, just like if the boat had sailed at the end of the round.

Making Waves

Q: “Swap one animal in a boat with another in the animal row. Both animals must be flipped face up.” The second sentence could be read as a effect (because it comes after the first) or as a pre-requisite. Which is it?

A: It’s a prerequisite. “Swap one animal in a boat with a face-up animal in the animal row” would be the best way to say it.

Sinking Options

Q: After the one empty boat is discarded, does this change the requirement for initiating voting to one one full boat? We played it as such because it made sense, but the rules say you need two full boats.

A: Yes, voting is triggered by all the boats that haven’t sunk or sailed being full.

Rules Questions

Q: Unless I’m misunderstanding, it’s possible for animals to be in the original animal row during scoring. What becomes of them? There is no mention of this in the rules.

A: These animals don’t exist for the purposes of predation, and simply score 1VP.

Q: What happens when all the animals wind up on the near bank? Who scores?

A: All eating is resolved simultaneously. In this case, all the animals were eaten, so none score.

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