It is the Age of Discovery!

With the Mediterranean under Osman Turkish control, the Portuguese are looking for alternative routes to the East Indies, moved by the trade of gold, spices and other goods. Better ships and general centralization of power help push the Portuguese out into the Atlantic, and explorers like Prince Henry, Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama took to the sea.

In Sail to India, players take on the role of a powerful noble and supply expeditions in search of lucrative trade routes. Players gain victory points by discovering new coastal towns, selling trade goods and constructing buildings. Players can also acquire technologies, which grant powerful abilities during the game. Discover the route to India and seize the greatest wealth and prestige!

Download the Sail to India Rulebook (3MB PDF)

Click here to check out the design diary by Hisashi Hayashi.

Click here to check out the artist diary by Juhani Jokinen.

Game Info

3-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minutes playtime

4 Historian cards
4 Domain cards
3 Technology cards
1 Lisboa card
12 Coastal town cards
4 Reference cards
52 Markers
1 Rulebook

Retailer Info

SKU: AEG 5805
UPC: 7-29220-05805-8
MSRP: $19.99
Case Count: 6

Game Images

STI_box top  STI_box bottom  STI_CoastalTown3  STI_CoastalTown2  STI_CoastalTown1  STI_Lisboa  STI_Domain  STI_ Historian  STI_tech01  STI_tech2


“This is an excellent game. Really quite excellent, and amazing design!” —Dice Tower

“This game is wonderful!” —Geekedupgaming

“This game is a gem, a true gem!” —macrowargamer

“Do not be surprised by the small size of Sail to India…there is a surprising amount of game here!” —Board Game Brawl

“This is an excellent game. I can’t stress enough. I would say this is an immediate pick up!” —Drive Thru Review

“I enjoy Sail to India tremendously. For such a portable package you receive a lot to think about. I’m amazed at how elegant the designer has made this game.” —Board Game Dialog

“I’ve enjoyed every play of Sail to India. It’s fast, interesting, and foists a plethora of interesting and difficult choices onto the players.” —Giant Fire Breathing Robot

“This is maybe the best game I’ve played all year.“ —Strawpixel

“I was incredibly impressed with how such a simple system could leave room for very meaningful decisions by keeping money and actions tight while players built up their engines.” —I Slay the Dragon

“I really like this game. It’s a small game, but it offers you many interesting decisions.” —Rowdy van Lieshout

“It’s incredibly clever and there are some truly difficult decisions to be made.” —Bottom Shelf Board Games

“The two most impressive things about this are that (1) everyone was pretty neck-and-neck in terms of points at the end of the game, and (2) this is hardly an exhaustive list of strategies.” — Space-Biff!


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