Thar Be Pirate Previews, Matey!

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Ahoy there swabs! We be startin’ the preview of the Smash Up with the terrors of the high seas, the Pirates. Bringing to the game their skill with sailin’, Pirates be masters of movement you see. While not every card in their deck be about movin’ to and fro, most are, and that can create some mighty large complications for one’s opponents when it comes to the scorin’ of bases.

We be showin’ you four cards from the Pirates today, four on Friday. The rest, well, perhaps those of a strong constitution for treasure huntin’ may be finding them before the release of the game, but likely not.

The Pirate King
Smash Up Pirate King

How best to be startin’ but with the master of the sails? The Pirate King brings power and surprise to the seas. Aye, your opponents will know he’s out sailin’ the waters, but they will always have to be afraid of his sudden ability to go full sail towards a scoring base, procuring the points they so valiantly fought for, right from under their noses.

The First Mate
Smash Up First Mate
A hearty and good lad, bright eyed and dreamin’ of being a mighty pirate. He could have taken his chances on Melee Island but he chose to come with us instead! That be an in-joke for those of the computer-gamin’ persuasion… Anyway, the First Mate be a tough little fellow to crack. Once he’s on the table, as it were, his enthusiasm keeps him around much longer than most. Aye, if he be getting several First Mates in play, one can move a great amount of power from base to base indeed.

Full Sail
Smash Up Full Sail

The open sea, nothing better than feeling that salty air movin’ through your locks. Well, nothing better except stealing victory from those slimy dogs against you, eh? Full Sail can be used as a normal action or, due to our keen senses, it can be used as a Special, stealin’ yet another win from those dirty swabs. And note that we don’t care who be on the ships, those little green men, the quiet ones in the black pajamas, whoever, we’ll bring ’em along if they be helpin’ us claim the booty… as it were.

Smash Up Pirate Cannon

Ah the smell of blackpowder as it brings a wretched dog’s vessel to Davey Jones’ locker. We can’t all be about sailin’, every so often even the most keen of us must mix fightin’ into our repartee. The Cannon may be a simple weapon for us of the pirating nature, but it does the job well.

Be joinin’ our crew on Friday for more of your Pirate lessons!

All the Pirates be lovingly illustrated by a one Francisco Rico Torres.

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