Avast! More Pirate Previews!

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When last we left you, the tactics of piratin’ be coming clear to you, we hope. Yet we thought today we’d let you come aboard and learn a bit more of our sea-farin’ ways.

Saucy Wench
Saucy Wench

Aye, here be a sight for water-logged eyes. Of course, more than just looks, this lass brings quite a bit of fire with her. ‘Tis one thing to move to a base, but you’ll be wantin’ that base to be cleared of opposition. Just send in this jewel of the seas.


While the mighty vessels we ply the waves with be the stuff of legend, we know the need for simple, practical modes of transport. The humble dinghy has gotten many a pirate out of, or into, trouble.


A strong buck this one be. And he’s learned the piratin’ ways well. ‘Tis always a better choice to flee and fight another day than throw ones life away over what might be a small bit of plunder. Now a large bit of plunder…


Ah Tortuga, that fine home of refined gentlemen and ladies… bwahaha! Nay, this be our port away from home, or our home away for port depending on the day. And being good pirates, we know leave ways to take advantage of even a loss should violence break out at dear Tortuga.

Note: Bases are themed after the factions in the set, but have no inherent bonus or penalty based on the factions there.

And with that we’ve given you a look into our life at sea. What? Pardon me…

Strange lad, one of the wee ones here was singing some song ’bout how well we’d done and askin’ how many gold doubloons we’d earned… no idea what’s in his head…

We’ll be sailin’ off now. Islands to explore, treasure to be had. We hear that next week a strange group from the far east may be joinin’ you. I’d watch out for those fellows though, they are a sneaky lot.

All the Pirates be lovingly illustrated by a one Francisco Rico Torres.

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