All Your Base

All Your Base

Well, not all… but here is a look at 4 of the Bases in Smash Up! Remember that though the Bases are themed after the respective groups, there is no inherent mechanical bonus for any of them.

The Mothership
Drawing on the incredible power of The Funk (pioneered in the mid-1970s), The Mothership carries an Alien-style effect for the winner.

Rhodes Plaza Mall
Made for the swarm, Rhodes Plaza Mall could be just as good for Robots as Zombies, though truly any group can take great advantage of scoring method on the Mall. Oh, and course, “choke on it!!!!”

Tar Pits
Sink something deep enough in the Tar Pits and they won’t be seen again… for a while anyway.

The Great Library
The Wizards may be kinda like hippies… they seem to share the reward with everyone. Must be the long beards.

Next week we’ll show some more various actions from the base set of Smash Up!