Action Team Go!

Action Team Go!

We had a look at some cool Bases last week, and now here are a random assortment of actions from some of the factions! Smash Up will be on sale in August!

Survival of the Fittest
The dinosaurs know all about power, and not much else. Luckily power is a pretty effective tool. Just watch out, you might suffer some collateral damage if you aren’t the strongest at every base. But this card can also cause a “hey, let’s you and him fight” effect as well.

Seeing Stars
The ninja are not as wild as the dinos in their kill, they go right for the target. Point and shoot.

Block the Path
Well, we trained them for years to care for gardens, it only makes sense that gnomes would turn that against us one day… Block the Path can really tie up a Base, and is an effective strategic tool for the Tricksters, but before you start yelling “NPE!” be aware it only affects one Base, and there are tools to deal with actions attached to bases. Not every faction has them, but they are out there.

Mall Crawl
Zombies must be fairly fashion conscious, they always seem to go for malls. Mall Crawl’s easiest application is to quickly load your discard pile with Tenacious Z’s to use their ability, but in combination with other factions, it can help you quickly dig a powerful character out of your deck. For instance, play Mall Crawl, and pick King Rex, he goes to your discard. Then play Grave Digger, who lets you take a minion from your discard pile into your hand. Sure you can’t play King Rex this turn, but you have him ready at that point. Of course, if you combo them with wizards, the “extra action” effects of the wizards would likely let you pull off the whole combo with whichever minion you grab AND still get them into play.

We’ll be back again with more cool stuff soon!