It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…

You may have noticed that the Tempest blog has been very quiet over the last two months. You may also have noticed that we are launching Smash Up at Gen Con. The two are related; we have a lot to say about Tempest, but we also wanted to ensure that Smash Up had its day in the sun. 

The next few months are all about Tempest. If you don’t know what Tempest really is, click here and find out.

Gen Con will be the first road test for the line. For the past few months, we have been having game designers and would-be game designers signing up to access our Tempest Developer’s Toolbox, which is chock full of background, art, and other items of interest to game designers. 

We are actively searching for more fun games for Tempest’s 2013 releases, and I expect that we—that is to say, fellow AEGis Jeremy Holcomb and myself—will be seeing many prototypes at Gen Con this year. 

And some of them have already been themed up for Tempest. How do I know? We’ve seen them

In addition, I will have fun stuff to show to the fine members of the gaming press. 

Sadly, we will not be showing (let alone selling) Tempest at Gen Con. But in the meantime, you can check out an interview with Philip duBarry, designer of the forthcoming Tempest game Courtier, here. His interview starts at 147:11.

And next week we’ll take a look at the origins of the games.

So comment below and let me know: which of the Tempest games are you most looking forward to?


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Edward Bolme is one of AEG’s developer/producers, and the brand manager for Tempest. He is also a novelist and a 25-year veteran of the hobby gaming trenches.