Michael Elmen in the Tempest Games

Michael Elmen is the head of one of the important merchant houses in Tempest, and the first of what will undoubtedly become many bankers seeking to control the financial destiny of the city-state.

In Courtier, he is part of the Commerce coterie, listed as the banker.

In Mercante, we see that Michael has his hands on a bunch of underhanded projects.

His house has the ability to draw an event card after messing around with someone else’s sale. This indicates friends in high places. His other ability, to place a new agent immediately on the skulduggery seal, shows that he is owed a lot of money by a variety of people, and has the connections to, shall we say, unilaterally collect on his debts.

His Dominare card shows similar proclivities.

He has solid influence, plus a goodly income and notoriety to match. His abilties are very straightforward debt collection stratagems, timed to ensure that witnesses see who really owns the wealth on the Tempest docks.

You’d think that Michael Elmen would have few friends in Tempest, and on the docks, that’s true. But he does have friends in high places, and we’ll look at one of them tomorrow.


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Edward Bolme is one of AEG’s developer/producers, and the brand manager for Tempest. He is also a novelist and a 25-year veteran of the hobby gaming trenches.