Personality Spotlight: Lord Laurent Chantril

Lord Laurent Chantril


  • Sex: Male
  • Skin Tone: Beige
  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Age: Old
  • Hand: ?


Lord Chantril is not a professor, but the fourth-generation heir of the founder of the Atheneum and a noble. He inherited his seat on the board, and he will pass it along to his heir in turn.


He uses his money and influence to improve the Lyceum’s position in the city, but he has no real academic skill. He is analogous to an art buyer who understands and appreciates art but has no talent. Due to his lack of talent, he receives little or no respect for his ideas, even if once in a while he does say something useful.


Dean Kussmaul Keonig is Laurent’s only friend inside the Lyceum, mostly due to the fact that Kussmaul is also a bit of an outsider. The two of them socialize more with each other than with anyone else. Not that they socialize much at all.


Check back later this week to see how Lord Laurent Chantril is represented in the Tempest series!



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