Adnan Riordan in the Tempest Games

Adnan Riordan is a veritable establishment among the Tempest intelligentsia.

As such, he does appear in Courtier as the Emeritus. But where he really shines is in Dominare.

Remember two days ago, when we told you that the Atheneum was all about options? Adnan gives you more options than you can stand, allowing you to rearrange your conspiracy on the fly as he uses his superior intellect to get the best use of your agents.

Notice as he rises in the ranks of your conspiracy, that the person whose spot he takes becomes, in essence, Adnan’s student, gaining the Scholar Trait. And Adnan can get that agent to use that now-Scholar agent ability right away!

Alternatively, he can demean himself and take a demotion in order to take a more hands-on approach to managing your lower-level agents.

With his ability to rearrange your conspiracy, as well as an automatic networking bonus at any level except 1, this is a solid agent to have at your disposal.


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Author: Edward Bolme View all posts by
Edward Bolme is one of AEG's developer/producers, and the brand manager for Tempest. He is also a novelist and a 25-year veteran of the hobby gaming trenches.