Personality Spotlight: Senator Dante Straziami

Senator Dante Straziami

  • Sex: Male
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Hair: bald
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Age: Old
  • Hand: ?

When the old guard of senators was forged, they broke the mold making Dante. He’s the oldest, most respected member of the Senate. He’s seen more senators come and go than serve in the senate now. He is the heart and soul of the old guard, and serves as a reminder of what young men can achieve when their lives are dedicated to the service of others.

He’s an icon of the senate, but also a source of diminishing power. The older he gets, the fewer promises he can keep. He’s desperately seeking an heir apparent or protege he can mentor. Virgil Margraves would fit this role nicely, if the kid weren’t so damnably naive. Dante hopes he can mature the young man in time.

In terms of power and goals, Dante has achieved it all. He’d like to leave a legacy of himself in the city somehow. A statue, library, even a holiday. Something to honor the work he’s done. But history may tell a different story. On a long enough continuum, Dante is just another good senator. While he may be the best now, he’s no immortal. And his personal quest for acknowledgement may blind him to that fact.

Learn more about Senator Dante Straziami later this week!


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