Personality Spotlight: Adjunct Gianni Archiatio

Adjunct Gianni Archiatio

  • Sex: Male
  • Skin Tone: Beige
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Age: Middle
  • Hand: ?

Gianni doesn’t work very hard, as a result of which he became a joke among his contemporaries, a sort of pathetic whipping boy of the Senate. He has made a lot of bad decisions getting where he is in life. He represents squandered potential. And sadly, he will barely be a footnote in the history of Tempest.

Gianni wants to do right, but he’s not very smart and he’s not very practical. His decision to expose the corruption in the senate was an emotional one. He acted desperately and foolishly based in part on his own lack of pwersonal power. As a result of Gianni’s publication, Governor Paolo Portales got censured, and Gianni himself was expelled.

Since Gianni’s letter has been published, murdering him makes little sense, and so while he suspects his life is forfeit, in actuality, it’s just meaningless.

In Dominare, his abilities reflect two events: Gianni exposes the corruption of the Senate with a single, powerful publication and his exile from the Senate. The fact that Gianni must split his influence shows that he just does not have political clout.

Later this week you will see how Adjunct Gianni Archiatio impacts the world of Tempest – check back soon!


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