Graphic Design

With Tempest playtesting underway, we needed to have someone in the graphic designer’s seat. As a game line, Tempest needed a cohesive look and feel. The person most qualified to do it, jim pinto, had burned out on the project and wanted no more to do with it. Hal Mangold, who had done some work on it, was busy on our L5R role-playing work. He was fully engaged like a house on fire. Thomas Deeny had also done some work, but I only found this out later. 

We needed a new graphic designer. Badly. 

Just as I brought this to the attention of the company, Mark Wootton dusted off an old email and kicked it over to me, from some hopeful graphic designer in Wisconsin. I decided that, as early in the cycle as we were, Tempest would make a good test for this person.

So I gave her a call and we chatted a bit. Turns out she didn’t remember sending us the email. Then, later, she realized that the only reason she had done so was that her husband had made her do it. 

Regardless, we hit it off and she was excited to have a chance to work for us. I sent her the box files with the challenge “make these better.” I gave her a week. 

I had the results back within two days. 

The results look little like what we ended up with, but they were attractive, creative, and showed an attention to the brand. It didn’t hurt that she had a game closet with a couple hundred games in it and was a fan of the Renaissance. 

And that, friends, was how Kali Fitzgerald came into the AEG fold. Her first project was Thunderstone Advance, because our other graphic designer had totally left us hanging out to dry, and we needed someone skilled in that slot immediately.

When she passed the Thunderstone test she moved to Tempest, and we began the long, arduous process of bringing the whole line up to where I wanted it. First and foremost was making all the cards full bleed so you could see more of this wonderful art. 

So comment on the AEG forums and let me know: What do you think of the art? Is full bleed your presence, or do you like the black border?


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Edward Bolme is one of AEG's developer/producers, and the brand manager for Tempest. He is also a novelist and a 25-year veteran of the hobby gaming trenches.