“The Bar Has Been Set”

The Spiel did a lengthy—dare I say epic—review of Tempest as a world, a line, a toolbox, and a series of individual games. And it pleases me, as the developer, to see that they get the whole concept, tip to tail.

Some highlights:

“From a mechanical standpoint, [Courtier] is really elegant. But just underneath that polished surface is a game of cunning and manipulation. The elegance of the game play allows this underhanded, double-dealing, sideways approach to gaining power. It’s that great merger of theme and mechanic.”

“[Mercante] is a very equal balance between worker placement and market manipulation. I love the fact that you’ve got auction, economic, and recipe-fulfilling mechanics, but it’s not afraid to introduce that poke in the eye.”

“[Dominare] was one of the funnest games I’ve played in a long time. It is unique beyond anything that I’ve played before. I can’t stress how cool this is.”

“[Love Letter] is one of the most elegant, simple games that I have come across in a long time. It has you coming back for more, every time.”

“We’re ready for you to dive into Tempest. I really encourage you. You will not be disappointed.”

Listen to the whole podcast (if you dare) at their website.


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Edward Bolme is one of AEG's developer/producers, and the brand manager for Tempest. He is also a novelist and a 25-year veteran of the hobby gaming trenches.