Design Contest Winners!

First, let us apologize for the delay! We expected to have this over a week ago, but after receiving thousands of entries, we had a much longer job ahead of us. Below are the winners as chosen by the design team for Thunderstone. Winning contestants will receive a free copy of Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege. And because we’ve been so late, we chose a sixth winner! The winning cards MAY appear in a future expansion of Thunderstone with full credit to the designer, though the design team reserves the right to tweak the cards as necessary. Winners after the break!

Village Item
Name: Appearance
Purchase Cost: 6
Light: 2
Victory Points: 1
Whenever revealed, you have to go to the dungeon or rest.

Submitted by: Felix Wolfsteller


Village Spell
Name: Bloodlust
Purchase Cost: 6
Victory Points: -1
Dungeon: Target hero gets Attack +6 and you may chose his Attack is Magic or not. He cannot be destroyed by other Dungeon/Battle efects. Spoils: Destroy that Hero.

Submitted by: Michal Jurcik

Village Item
Name: Vendetta
Purchase Cost: 10
Gold: 3
Village: Attach to one Hero deck in the village. From now on, if a player’s hand contains this hero in the beginning of his turn, he has to enter the dungeon without a choice.

Village Spell
Name: Mind Control
Purchase Cost: 7
Gold: 2
Dungeon: In the beginning of your action. Destroy this card. Remove one monster from the hall and put it in front of a player. This monster considers to be in Rank 0. That player is forced to enter the dungeon and battle this monster in his turn until the monster is defeated.

Submitted by: Travis Ko

Village Item
Name: Dancing Scimitar
Weapon – Edged – Magic
Purchase Cost: 7
Gold Value: 2
Weight: 4
Attack +4 if equipped to a hero.
Magic Attack +1 if not equipped to a hero. (This weapon may attack on its own). Dungeon: Return Dancing Scimitar to the village stack at the end of combat for an additional Magic Attack +1 if equipped or +2 if unequipped.

Submitted by: Peter Waldner

Village Item
Name: Blood Debt
Purchase Cost: 1
Gold: 5
Victory Points: -3
Cannot be destroyed, except by its own action. VILLAGE: Instead of purchasing a card, reveal a hand containing 10 gold to destroy this card.

Submitted by: Richard Fulcher

Village Mercenary
Name: Bloodhound
Purchase Cost: 5
Gold: 2
Dungeon: +2 Attack if at least 1 hero is revealed. +1 Attack if another Bloodhound is revealed.
When you are the target of an effect caused by a Thief, show Bloodhound and ignore the effect.

Submitted by: Jean Heitmann


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