AEG Big Box of Free Stuff!

AEG is mailing the Free Cool Stuff Box to our Stronghold Stores of Level 1 and higher over the next seven days, which means it should be arriving to your store in the next week to 3 weeks depending on where you are in world from the AEG offices.

Support your local game stores!!! They keep our hobby alive and growing. Read on to find out what all comes in the box!

What’s in the Box?

Nightfall- Promo card packs – Lisaveta Florescu and Shadow Seven

Thunderstone- Promo Pack #2- Guardian of Strength, Stormhold, and Dragon Humanoids

L5R – War of Honor – Ronin Tile Set

Plus 1 GENCON PASS – A Free Coupon redeemable for 1 complimentary 4 Day Gencon Badge. (US and Canadian Stores Only). Your store can decide what it wants to do with this item but we suggest a tournament or drawing to give it to a player. And the best reason to have that pass…

GENCON 2011 – Saturday night gaming event. AEG is christening its new gaming area at Gencon with a giant gaming night on Saturday. The event will be for ticket holders only and everyone who has been to an AEG event knows we bury our players in Fun and Swag so no matter what AEG games you play there will be something at the show for you. The event will be big but limited and once the tickets start to go they will go fast so sign up here.

To find out if your store is a Stronghold Store of Level 1 or higher go to our Stronghold Store page.

If your store is NOT a level 1 or higher stronghold store they can request a kit at Gencon tickets are part of the kit while supplies last.

If you do not have a store in your area these promotional items will go up for a nominal charge on the AEG web store on July 15. Please understand that in order to support game stores we cannot offer these items any earlier.


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Author: Todd Rowland View all posts by
Todd is AEG's Director of Marketing, as well as a Board Game Producer & Developer. Follow him on Twitter: @toddrowland