Heart of Doom Notice – Mispacked Cards

Hello Thunderstone fans,

It has come to our attention that due to a packing error at the printer, one of the cellowrapped sets of cards was not packaged with Heart of Doom. This error was caught before the game was sent to distribution, and the printer has sent all of missing card sets along with the game. Rather than delaying the release several months for a repacking, we’ve moved forward with the following solution. Distributors have been instructed to send a pack with each copy of the game sold in a retail store, and the retailers have been notified that anyone who purchases Heart of Doom is to receive the set of cards, free.

The pack of cards has its facing card as the Magma Hammer randomizer. Within are several more randomizers and a few other cards that make up the remainder of the Heart of Doom set.

We apologize for any difficulty this causes, and have taken measures to ensure this does not happen in the future. If you attempt to purchase Heart of Doom at a retail location and do not receive the missing card set, please contact customerservice@alderac.com.

Thank you for your understanding. You can look after the break for the full list of cards in the pack, to ensure you receive them all.

List of cards:
Random • Village
Magma Hammer

Random • Hero

Random • Monster
LIzardfolk • Humanoid
Abyssal • Darkspawn
Basilisk • Animal
Undead • Spectral
Spider • Animal
Dopelganger • Humanoid
Dungeon Feature

Rite of Banishing
Last Refuge
Mournwater Swamp

Dungeon Feature
Gem Treasures


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Todd is AEG's Director of Marketing, as well as a Board Game Producer & Developer. Follow him on Twitter: @toddrowland