A new Guardian emerges!


I’m Jeff Quick project lead for Thunderstone. I’ve made it past the first rank, and now emerge from the dungeon, squinting in the light. And just like a Thunderstone Guardian, I’m here to destroy your freaking village.

In Heart of Doom, you had a chance to face Doom’s very heart, the eighth Thunderstone, and defeat the ancient evil. But winning that battle had unexpected consequences. It banished Doom, but also freed him to visit other worlds. And you advanced to the next world with him. In March, prepare yourself for Thunderstone Advance.

Thunderstone Advance takes the next step forward with Thunderstone. It’s fully compatible with every Thunderstone card you already own, but takes all the lessons we’ve learned in three years and levels up the game.

Thunderstone Advance does more than just a patch job, though. It brings a lot of new things to the table. New art, new mechanics, new components, and a new look. We’re also adding a new element that AEG is known for, but hasn’t brought to the Thunderstone table yet–story.

In the past, Thunderstone took a bunch of fantasy tropes, threw them in a box, and made a game out of it. That’s great, and nobody’s sad about that. But we can do better.

Over the next couple of months leading up to the release of Thunderstone Advance in March, come back here each week for new fiction revealing characters and facets of the world of Tala. You’ll travel with the Warrior as he explores the new world, and learns what evil Doom has wrought on this pristine land.

You’ll also get peeks into the new look and new cards of Thunderstone Advance, a weekly dose of insight from me, and some other stuff that it’s too soon to announce. It’s still the game you love, but a finer-tuned, dare I say, Advanced version of the game.

Don’t forget, there’s all the standard social media stuff we take part in. Friend us on Facebook. Thunderstone also has a Twitter account! Follow AEGThunderstone for prizes and surprises. And above all, return here in the coming weeks for the inside scoop on Thunderstone Advance!

Jeff Quick is the Project Lead for Thunderstone, and part of AEG’s New Games Team. An Expo and Origins award winning developer, he’s got the longest industry resume available for someone you’ve basically never heard of. 


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