Thunderstone: Caverns of Bane Previews Begin!

TS8_Treasure Hoard

Hey Thunderstone fans,

We hope you’re as excited as we are, as the next installment of Thunderstone – Caverns of Bane is beginning its preview cycle! Today we’ve got a great look into a favorite from the classic Thunderstone games – Treasures!


When we released the new Thunderstone Advance, we couldn’t pack every innovation from the previous sets into the new box all at once, especially if we were going to make room for new things like avatars and familiars.

One of the things we knew we’d want to get back into the game quickly was treasures. But we wanted to make treasures work a little better in the Advance environment. Before, they would just pop out, and you’d put them down and use them as one-time events. That’s a good mechanic (we’re not done using it…) but one of the cool things about a fantasy adventure is the idea that monsters hold treasure that adventurers are seeking. And why would they just have a magic weapon and not USE it?

Treasures in Caverns of Bane work a little differnetly now. Notice that thick black bar in the middle of the text box? That divides the monster abilities from the player abilities. Treasures do one thing when a monster is holding on to it, and it makes the monster a tougher fight! Use the ability above the line.

Then once you’ve defeated the monster, the card goes in your discard pile. When it appears in your hand again, use the ability below the line in your favor. Some abilities are quite good! But all of them give you extra VP at the end of the game. Takea look at just 2 of the treasures we introduce in Caverns of Bane:

Treasure Hoard

Ring of Spell Storing


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