Trolls Return!


As mentioned last week, Thunderstone draws a lot from things that have come before it. With the return of the Troll creature to Thunderstone Advance, we see another old fantasy staple that Thunderstone draws upon. Trolls have been favorite underground dwelling creatures ever since Poul Anderson first described them in his novel, Three Hearts and Three Lions (that’s also where a lot of inspiration for the fantasy version of the Paladin came from!)

We decided to give the Thunderstone Trolls a spin in the Caverns, and they’re as hard to kill as ever. If you don’t defeat them, they stay right there in the hall, waiting for you to come back and try again!

Troll Skullcracker

Troll Marrowgaunt


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Daniel Briscoe is the Core Games Marketing Lead for Players at AEG. He is also the Events Manager, and handles the interaction between players and AEG's games. In a word: Awesome.