Root of Corruption: Gnolls!

We’ve got more Root of Corruption previews for you today Thunderstone fans! Today we see rise of gnolls in Tala. And these woodland scavengers are not beneath taking things off of living victims.

As you can see from the previews, gnolls don’t have many nice things. And they don’t want the adventurers to have nice things either! With gnolls running around stealing and breaking your stuff, smart adventurers will have to pay careful attentinon to what’s in their hands and decks.

Continuing with the theme of monsters using your deck against you (see Corvaxis and Salamanders from Towers of Ruin and Caverns of Bane respectively), cur gnolls have their own tricks to play. It probably won’t hurt too bad. Probably.

By the way, did you notice that “Ambusher” is on a sword in the middle of the card on that last one? We listened to player feedback that said it was too hard to read up on the keyword line. You’re right! It is kind of hard to read!  So we re-tooled the icon to make it more clearer and easier to see.


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Daniel Briscoe is the Core Games Marketing Lead for Players at AEG. He is also the Events Manager, and handles the interaction between players and AEG's games. In a word: Awesome.