Root of Corruption: Surprises from the Old World…

For those of you who have been playing Thunderstone since the beginning – or those of you who joined up later, and went back to experience all that the Old World had to offer might remember really iconic monsters that lurked in Grimhold Dungeon in the Old World. Like Kingdom or  Suffering – which were some of the coolest pieces of monster art I’ve seen to date. Or maybe the more benign monsters were what you liked running into while exploring the dungeon, like Pegasus or Griffon. Whatever they were, people have monsters that they remember fondly (and some not so fondly) about the Old World of Thunderstone…

…which might make what you’re about to see just a little weird.

These familiar faces all should be no surprise to players of the Old World Thunderstone games. But what are they doing in the New World, and why are they in Root of Corruption? Well, Doom gave some of his followers access to these old friends to bedevil adventurers anew. The Summoner in Root of Corruption, yanking old foes from earlier Thunderstone games to combat you in our newest release. Check him out:

The Thrall Summoner has the potential to pull monsters that give the players cursers or a variety of other negative effects but he also can pull old favorites (like the Griffon Thrall) with beneficial trophies. Regardless, you don’t know what you’re getting until it arrives. Come over-prepared, or take your chances! His Trophy effect is also really useful later in the game.

We hope you’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and make sure to check back late this week for another module for Caverns of Bane, and next week’s new monster preview: Minions!


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Daniel Briscoe is the Core Games Marketing Lead for Players at AEG. He is also the Events Manager, and handles the interaction between players and AEG's games. In a word: Awesome.